Price Groups

When I am creating mugs and baskets, I am looking to not only make a great mug to drink from and a basket that functions, but I am also playing with a forming technique or glaze combination. With that being said, mugs and baskets come out in a variety of ways. Below is how I rate and price them.

The same is true of my birds. I make birds to represent people I love, situations we encounter. I sculpt them, make a mold, and pour some replicas of my original form. As for the firing, I am looking for a specific Obvara pattern. All of the birds are beautiful with unique patterns. Some break, I repair, and I may apply gold leaf. Some are finished with Renaissance Museum wax, others natural bees wax. There are many variables, that they too are priced into different groups.
Obvara technique

Premium Top Shelf (PTS) - These blow me away.  I love the form, the decoration, they sing to me. PREMIUM TOP SHELF pieces are special... unusually beautiful glazing or surface decoration and a particularly lovely, balanced form. These are priced  higher than a regular piece. I would consider these my gallery pieces.

Top Shelf (TS)- These meet every dream I could have had. They have fulfilled my aesthetic sense.  I find them perfect;  they may even have perfect "flaws".  They are gallery pieces and meant for you to use and enjoy.  

Everyday Ware (ED) - These pieces are perfectly fine.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, but for me, they are my everyday ware.   Remember, I am involved in every piece. I may have  a pre-conceived idea of what I was looking for.  Many times I look at these later, and realize they are rather lovely, my thinking was just elsewhere at the time.  I like some colors and not others. If you love it, buy it.  My aesthetics and yours may be very different.  This is where you can get some great deals.  Take advantage!