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It's time for me to play! And what better material than clay.

I make one of a kind originals

for you to create mindfulness 

for your home or office & 

your eating and drinking ware.

Why I make what I do:

All of my work is inspired by nature and family; reflecting constant change.

I make two bodies of work, sculpted geese and functional work.  

My functional work  may be stoneware that is completely functional; 

they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Some functional pieces are obvara fired;

they are dry food safe.

Usually I  make ceramic mugs and baskets as my functional art form.  The daily routine of eating and drinking become a time to be mindful. Eat soup, drink tea, beer, coffee, breathe. As an artist I want you to stop and feel the varied textures on my wares. Be present. Escape to a better place.  For me, nature ... plants, trees, the tidal marsh changing from dawn to dark all inspire the surfaces of my work. 

My sculpted work are usually geese, 

especially the babies. 

I also make tree bark look ceramics.  

My Geese

Maintaining balance in life-which is filled with continued change-is a constant challenge.   Children, adolescents, adults: each stage of life has obstacles to overcome and physical and emotional effects to endure.  Obstacles in life shape people into who they are and overcoming these obstacles allow people to change their possible destiny.  I admire the values of our past generations and see geese with similar qualities.  The geese I make personify people in different stages of life.  They have a distinctive surface treatment that reflects how life has affected them. 

I have chosen the Obvara firing technique which is symbolic of life.    After carefully sculpting the waterfowl, I make a mold so the piece can be replicated and when I pour the slip/clay into the form, the walls of the bird are an equal thickness.  I then subject my clay birds to extreme temperature changes, firing them to 1800 degrees and then submerging them into a bath of room temperature water mixed with yeast, flour and other magical ingredients.  The severe temperature difference leaves distinct, unique marks.   Just as the bath determines the look of the goose, the events and people in our lives shape who we become.  Some become beautiful; life has been good.  When life is difficult, the surface can be harsh or it may break the individual.  These scars are an important part of who they are.

When obstacles threaten the balance of life, the geese are there for each other.    Their stages of life are guided by the seasons and each other.   I am hopeful that people will learn from the geese, reminisce life and the people that surround them. Through nature’s integrity, I am hopeful that we can restore our own balance and harmony.

Why Trees and Leaves?

As a gardener, I love when the first leaves pop through the ground. They crack the surface ready to face the sun. At this stage I think all leaves look about the same. But like children, with care, nourishment, love and time they grow into healthy individuals. Sometimes, like people, some of these plants need to "hang on" to others for support. Twisting tendrils help and these plants not only provide us with food, but with seeds for the next generation. If the seed happens to be that of a tree, the outer surface of the tree changes in time; like the aging process changes our own bodies. The bark becomes highly textured, the tree gets larger, the color changes and parts of the tree, like branches, limbs or the "heart" may become damaged. Even though the tree has changed, it is strong, always giving, providing food, shade, shelter and the air that we breathe.

You have the opportunity 

to support my art journey and 

to purchase  one of a kind pieces 

to create a mindful environment.  

Enjoy !