I want you to be completely satisfied with my ceramic art.  I work hard to write accurate descriptions and take good photographs so you can make an informed decision.  With that being said, sometimes things are not as you had imagined.  I want you to be elated and recommend me to all of your friends.   Please contact me so we can work out the particulars.   I am a small business. You will be responsible for return shipping.  Please insure your package and pack it well.  Email me if you want to make a return.    

Special Orders?

Sometimes.  My production schedule is extremely busy and special orders can throw the balance off.  If the special order can be done within my production schedule, I will consider a special order.  There are no returns on special orders.


My first choice to ship is the US Post Office.  I will use UPS if that's your choice.  I have estimated shipping costs which include double boxing, secure packing material and of cost postage fees.   I am charging $8.95 for the shipping of one item.  If you purchase two, I am hopeful that the costs are less and am charging $12.95, and three items will be $14.95.  I have no intention of "making money" on shipping.  If I estimated high, I will credit your account, but I am assuming my estimate is low.  Ceramics need to be packed well and they have some weight.  I'll see how this estimate works.  Thanks in advance for understanding.

Food safe? Microwave & Dishwasher safe?

All of my functional ceramic work is food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Any vessel that is Obvara fired IS NOT presently food safe. I am working on trying to have that happen.

Broken piece? Repair or make another?

While a piece might be able to be repaired, the time and uncertainty makes it cost prohibitive.  Many times I can make a piece very similar.  The tree bark work and the shape of mugs can be made again.  The glazes will not always act the same way.

Depending on the kind of repair you are looking for,
E-6000  is a great glue.

Do Obvara fired pieces really have magic?

Magic is believing; believing in something bigger than yourself.  I do believe that Obvara fired work has a magic to it.  It has strong historical roots in the Baltic region during medieval times and people have believed that work fired with this process protected them from evil. These vessels always provided enough food.  
For me, using a decorative process in which you never know what the results will be is pure  magic!  Magic in believing that this is the process to use, despite all of the extra work and uncertainty.