17 Nov

Friday, November 17, 2017

Reposted from my old website

I try to be as scientific as possible.  But....no matter what I do, it is never exact enough.

I had 3 buckets of brew, trying to find out if something I stumbled upon would give me the effects I wanted.  Wrote down the recipes for the labeled  3 buckets.  Fired, dipped, cooled.  Paid careful attention, worked alone, quiet and productive. I didn’t think the first 2 (experimental) buckets produced any results that I liked at all. I used the old faithful bucket with extra yeast and a beer to keep it bubbly.  Then, I was emptying the water bucket, the one that cools the birds and out came this bird.  But where was he from?????  I did not remember seeing anything like this!!!! Was it from one of the first 2 buckets.  There is no way it came from old faithful....I don’t think.  Back to the drawing board.  I’m going to repeat that experiment with my i-phone recording everything I do...just in case I get some magic eyes.  I feel like I am chasing a leprchuen darting in and out of the buckets. 

I’ll report if I get some good news.  It will take awhile to make some birds.  :) 

Have a great holiday. 

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